Compact I/O Modules

Model: 5069-OB8


5069 Compact I/O Modules

  • Are available in high-speed counter, digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, AC input, AC output, isolated and non-isolated relay output, address reserve modules, and field potential distributor
  • Function as local I/O in a CompactLogix™ 5380 control system or as distributed I/O accessible via a 5069-AEN2TR or 5069-AENTR over an EtherNet/IP network for CompactLogix 5380 and ControlLogix® 5580 controllers
  • Provide field-side power to field-side devices that are connected to some 5069 Compact I/O modules

5069 Compact I/O EtherNet/IP Communication Modules

  • Support up to 31 I/O modules
  • Provide separate system power for better isolation and built-in power input with field power to I/O modules
  • Support distributed I/O modules via an EtherNet/IP network for CompactLogix 5380 and ControlLogix 5580 controllers
  • Support 1 Gb embedded switch technology for Linear and Device Level Ring topologies
  • Provide high-speed backplane communications for faster transfer rates
  • Provide improved status indicators to monitor and troubleshoot systems
  • Use the slim 5069-AENTR for small space requirements