Programmable Controllers

Model: 1762-L40BXBR

Features and Benefits

  • Contains isolated RS-232/RS-485 combo port for serial and networked communication
  • Provides four latching or pulse-catch inputs and four interrupt inputs
  • Includes built-in independent 20 kHz high-speed counter
  • Offers Programmable Limit Switch function
  • Includes two built-in ¾-turn trim potentiometers with a digital output range of 0...250
  • Provides program data security
  • Supports floating point data files
  • Expands up to 136 I/O points
  • Compatible with 1762 MicroLogix Expansion I/O modules (up to six modules per controller)
  • Provides additional programming/HMI port for connectivity to a DF1 full-duplex compatible device (only on MicroLogix™ 1200R controllers).