MSHT-i Máy  nghiền vụn Matsui Vietnam ANSdanang

Shredder for fuel tank and drum


  • Intelligent type


iplas " is the name for a group of intelligent products developed by MATSUI with self-control functionality. Products equipped with " iplas " operating to its original power of 9-31% while maintaining a high performance ratio. It is a energy-saving, low-noises, and compact smart shredder.


1. Equipped with energy-saving system drive!

● With i plas

In the conventional energy-saving operation is now possible with a small motor that could not be.

Senses the load during operation, self-judgment function was added to help one another while the motor of the machine 2, the driving force and crushing capacity can be optimized operation.

● Energy-saving effect

If one were crushed to 1 minute gas tank, to achieve up to 92% reduction rate of conventional electricity (4.4kW) motor 2 machine 2.2kW.

Energy-saving operation function is activated when idling and no load sensing, to achieve up to 96% electric rate reduction.

2. Load sampling function

Sampling crushing load, equipped with the ability to self-determine whether or not material can be crushed.

3. Space saving

W1510×D1980×2100 Weight: 2050kg

4. The most suitable cutter design

Advanced knife design emphasizes cutting performance while reducing cutter loads.

5. Quiet operation

Average Noise Levels: 82~87dB
Wedge Cutter Design means low noise levels.

6. High reliability

State of the art machine design results in high mechanical rigidity. Even cooled and hardened products can be ground without trouble.