Mô đun Keyphasor (Enhanced Keyphasor*Module) – Bently Nevada

Model: 149369-01


The 3500/25 Enhanced Keyphasor Module is a half-height, two-channel module

used to provide Keyphasor signals to the monitor modules in a 3500 rack. The

module receives input signals from proximity probes or magnetic pickups and

converts the signals to digital Keyphasor signals that indicate when the

Keyphasor mark on the shaft coincides with the Keyphasor transducer. The 3500

Machinery Protection System can accept up to four Keyphasor signals for

normal configuration and up to eight Keyphasor signals in a paired


The Enhanced Keyphasor Module is an improved 3500 system module. It offers

expanded Keyphasor signal processing capabilities over the previous design

while maintaining complete downward-compatibility in terms of form, fit and

function with existing Keyphasor modules for use in legacy systems. The

Keyphasor module, PWA 125792-01, is completely replaced by the more recent

149369-01 module.

When a system Keyphasor input is required for Triple Modular Redundant (TMR)

applications, the 3500 system should employ two Keyphasor modules. In this

configuration the modules work in parallel to provide both a primary and

secondary Keyphasor signal to the other modules in the rack.


A system with more than four Keyphasor inputs may use a paired configuration

provided that there are no more than four primary Keyphasor input signals. A

paired configuration requires two consecutive monitoring positions in either the

upper/lower or both half-slot positions. Four Keyphasor modules will accept four

primary and four backup input channels and provide four output channels (one

per module). A configuration of two paired and one non-paired (three Keyphasor

modules total) is also possible. In such a configuration, the user may configure

the one non-paired Keyphasor (order either two 2-channel or one 1-channel and

one 2-channel option)

The Isolated Keyphasor I/O module is designed for applications in which the

Keyphasor signals are tied in parallel to multiple devices and require isolation

from other systems, such as a control system. The Isolated I/O module was

created specifically for Magnetic Pickup applications but is compatible with and

will provide isolation for Proximitor* applications as long as an external power

supply is provided. Note that the intent of this I/O module was primarily to

measure shaft speed and not phase. The module can provide phase

measurements, but this I/O introduces a slightly higher phase shift than the NonIsolated I/O version. Figure 1 shows the amount of phase shift that the Isolated

I/O modules will add at different machine speeds.

Enhanced product features include generation of once-per-turn event signals

from multi-event-per-turn inputs, field-upgradeable firmware, and asset

management data reporting.